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ROI: Unattended CAD Automation

ROI: Unattended CAD Automation


One of the best way to recoup your investment dollars is to perform repeatative engineering design task using unattended overnight CAD Automation. This you've got to see to believe! Write or call us today for a free in-house demonstration!

Having a well-defined, clear business strategy is the key to corporate planning and management. However, companies often don’t have time to analyze their performance in detail during the day-to-day push to complete design sets.


While CAD automation takes on many roles throughout your design organization no feature or automation methods affords a higher return on investment than plotting automation.


Plotting automation has many levels:


1. Plot drawings overnight (Publishing Tool)

2. Plot drawings out-to-file as single output *.PDF or *.DWF files.

3. Plot drawings out-to-file as multi-sheet *.PDF or *.DWF files.

4. Open, Edit (purge, layer settings, erase objects), Plot, and save CAD Files to preset directories, preserving the original.

5. Open, Edit (sign date, update revisions), Plot and save CAD Files to preset directories, preserving or, overwriting, the original files.

6. Open, Edit (convert, savedown, saveup...etc.) don't plot and save CAD files to preset directories, completely replacing the original CAD files with the updated ones.


As you can see there are many plot automation choices to select from. Most likely your firm will need a combination of methods as the perfect choice. CAD Professionals will guide you all the way and develop the final Automation routines and enhanced techniques to meet your needs! 


CAD Professionals Company will put you on track to successfully achieve your plotting automation goals!


Our services at a glance:

  • Creating a corporate concept/business plan 
  • Strategic company management 
  • Organizational and operational structure 
  • Project planning, management and testing

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